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Tawk Amungst Yaselves!
Thighmaster, Neither Thigh, Nor Master...Discuss!
I'll miss y'all tonight! 
20th-Dec-2008 02:50 pm
Keith - We All Are Americans
gridlore and I have tickets to the Metallica concert, and while I was considering bringing him home and then stopping in for an hour after the show, I've been sick most of the week and just don't have the spoons, especially not if I want to see princesskiti22 at the bar tomorrow.

And guys? Don't scare cekyr0 tonight - no necking outside your previously-established gender preferences, okay?
20th-Dec-2008 10:57 pm (UTC)
I dunno. Experiences outside the comfort zone can be good for you...

Enjoy the concert, and I'll see ya mañana!
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